1. Do not ever use company website email IDs to send bulk emails (this could harm your website repetition).
  2. Buy a new domain name to use it in email sending.
  3. Don’t assign the new domain name to any website (use it only for email marketing)
  4. Buy an SMTP service with a new dedicated IP that allows you to send emails to a large number of contacts.
  5. When you start sending emails, send it in ascending behaviour to maintain the health of your IP address ex.(first send 5000 emails, the second day send 10000 emails …etc).
  6. Always clean your emails list and remove invalid, Accept All, and trap emails using online validation services like https://www.datavalidation.com/
  7. I highly recommend that you use the email marketing platform sendinblue https://www.sendinblue.com it has exciting, unique features and smart receiver behaviour tracking system.
  8. Don’t include a spam trigger word in the subject.
  9. Perform a spam test for your email content.