Project Brief

Client requested a logo design + brand to give his e-commerce website image an impact online and in the community.

Client used the business name, “Jewelify” for all advertising and media. A new logo was created using a diamond shape designed into a creative logo that became easily recognized online.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

An effective way to keep everyone on the same page is to create a comprehensive brand guide that includes clearly outlines brand colours, logo sizing, key messaging, fonts and any other brand-specific styles. Put this document in a public place – like your digital asset management system – and keep it in a digestible format. Refer back to this when innovating branding workflows internally.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Initial Concept Planning

We expanded on an initial business idea guide more detailed planning and communicate essential information. The concept plan signals a commitment to a diligent planning effort by organizing and documenting the intentions of the founders. The concept plan precedes the writing of a business plan and establishes the foundation for its development.

Drafts & Revisions

Key actions and primary activities was identified to alert those involved of critical milestones. In some cases, important actions are organizational, such as forming a corporation, providing for funding, the timing of opening day, etc.

Final Delivery

Whether it’s a rapid, high impact change or a more gradual transition, we implemented brand conversion and leverage quick win opportunities. Taking into account on-going organizational restructuring or integration decisions driven by the brand strategy, we have executed conversion for key asset areas and quick win opportunities. We maintain ongoing monitoring of the project budget and overall progress reporting.

Strong Brands

condensing the peak performances of a company and makes them tangible over a long period of time, and credibly presents its uniqueness at all brand touch-points. It is not only the foundation for success in marketing and communication – rather, it is often a powerful and enthusiastic leadership and management instrument, which provides a clear action framework with defined brand limits.

Excellent Results

– Greater appeal and differentiation: Jewelify brand serves as a magnet, drawing prospects to company offerings. Buyers see more difference between Jewelify offering and those of their competitors. – Improved loyalty and customer retention: There’s far greater ROI in keeping an existing customer than recruiting a new one, and a strong brand idea can optimize marketing budget.