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Dear Mr. Husam,
I hope you are doing well. This is a friendly reminder for some requirements we need for the services you have submitted with Damascino Network:
Kindly share:
– your office map location in Dubai to add it on google map, on 2GIS, And Waze GPS,
– your office landline number if exist.
– Your office hours.
– Your products list with features.

Please check your Damascino portal page for the logos and all services updates.
Your company listing on Google is ready and pending for verification. A verification postcard will be sent to your level Ali office from Google within 25 days. To verify your address and activate your listing.
I contacted Google to make the procedure faster and they asked for the following:
3-5 unedited photos of:
• The business’ Building as seen from the street.
• Signage showing the name of the business and its entrance
• The inside of the business, as a customer sees when entering
• If available – link showing Google Street View imagery of the street and/or neighborhood in which your business is located
• If applicable – name and website URL of the venue in which your business resides (e.g. shopping mall)
If any of the above formats aren’t possible for your business, provide the best photographic proof possible of the business’s surroundings and how a customer can find it.
Regarding Advertising pricing in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed road Please check the following table.




Rates Include 1 Production Excluding die-cut cost.

*Rates Exclude government VAT (5%).

*Locations are subject to availability based on first come first served.

Kind Regards


Georges Jazmati


[email protected]

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